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A Report on the North Star Protocol

  A report on the North Star Protocol     Recently, FOA began to draft a safety document that would surpass current operating standards now in place. With the interest and support from the British Columbia Forest Safety Council (BCFSC) and by reassessing the CARs, consulting with industry stake-holders and Operators, FOA created the North […]

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FOA- Annual General Meeting coming soon!

To all members and interested participants. FOA is having their Annual General Meeting on the 27th of April 2017. If you are a member and wish to attend, kindly RSVP or let us know through the contact page on this site and we’ll make sure you have a place at the meeting. This year we […]

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FOA Promoting Webcams

The use of cameras for gathering contemporary weather information has seen an accelerated advance in the last few years. Diminishing costs and ease of use with these cameras, has now brought this technology within reach for most operators, as well as the public in general. The FOA provides access to many webcams on our website […]

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Vancouver Island Air installs webcams to help enhance safety

Vancouver Island Air began establishing company webcams at remote locations about 15 years ago. The units were expensive and technically challenging for some installations. Finding remote locations to fill the weather gaps was difficult because of the need for full-time power and reliable, cost effective internet availability. In the early days, we enticed potential users […]

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Next FOA Board of Directors meeting March 31, 2016.

The next FOA board of directors’ meeting is at 10:00 am PST on March 31st, 2016. The first hour is open to all members and invited guests. You can attend the meeting located this time at the Harbour Air board room, 4680 Crowley Crescent, Richmond, BC. V7B-1C1. That’s at the south terminal, YVR-Located on the […]

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Down to the Docks -Bespoke Service Part 2

          Down to the Docks -Bespoke Service- Part 2 Safety equipment, gear and such things as clothing can be key factors with anyone performing their work. From a pair of safety boots and a hard-hat worn by someone in the construction industry to a surgeon’s instruments while performing a lifesaving operation; […]

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Annual General Meeting April 30th, 2015

Our next meeting is on the 30th April. This meeting is our Annual General Meeting. As part of the AGM, Eric Scott of Harbour Air will be giving a presentation on the two Notice of Proposed Amendments to the CARs for seaplane operations and fatigue management which will have a significant impact on every commercial […]

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Down to the Docks/Bespoke Service

             Down to the Docks                 Bespoke Service   By: Jim Hartwell   When weather is being discussed, Mother Nature is always brought into the conversation. Nature is many things to many people but with pilots, it determines whether or not the flight is going to be smooth and clear or downright nasty. This […]

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Complacency-A Topic for Best Practices

  Complacency- A topic for Best Practices by Jim Hartwell There’s an old saying that states-familiarity breeds contempt. We would be amiss by not adding to this old sage that familiarity also breeds complacency. To us, complacency is an issue we all should be concerned about, as it affects the very safety of everyone in […]

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Feature post on Pro-Aviation

Professional Training for Professionals By: Jim Hartwell   The FOA has had as members since its conception, a host of very dedicated and earnest participants. Dedicated in providing safety programs and initiatives that are and have provided the industry and the people we fly with, programs that enhance safety. In an earnest approach to applying […]

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